"The Bongolian's drum loop sample pack is an immediate "go to" when I need funky drum breaks with that vintage feel, the best drum break sample pack I've ever come across" 
DJ Mako - Mako and Mr Bristow
"Simply the best! When I want an authentic unique vintage sounding break, I use Incredible drum and bongo breaks"
Trev H - Big Boss Man
"I just wanted to get in touch and say YEAH!! The beats and breaks are such a strong vibe, played with true soul, and are a great source of inspiration for writing and recording. Thanks again!"
(Morcheeba, Big Boss Man, Holly Golightly)
"As someone who likes to experiment and create my own music, I use “Incredible Bongo Breaks” to give my tunes that killer old school funk. The different tempos and the inclusion of unfiltered dry breaks give me unlimited options for my compositions. I highly recommend these beats." 
Martin V
This pack is exactly what I was looking for! Did a search for Incredible Bongo Loops and found it. Works perfectly with my DAW and every beat is KILLER! It's my go to for all drums. Check out the awesome videos of The Bongolian on Youtube too! Thanks Nasser" 
Frank R
"The incredible bongo breaks are such an ideal companion for producers, or composers who like staying far away from the prospect of writers block. Each break is crafted with precise simplicity,  but with an intricacy that doesn't underestimate the intelligence of your audience. Bongolian for president...or prime minister etc." 
Chris M
"If you want authentic drum breaks look no further than Incredible Bongo Breaks. Haven’t stopped using them since I discovered them, and probably won’t stop either!! "
Tavis Ed - North London
"I've always been a massive fan of break beats. There’s a feel and a spirit in those performances that’s just too cool not to include in modern day music. Thanks Nass" 
Gary Barlow


137 Drums and Bongos (Reverb and Compression)
137 Drums only (Reverb and Compression)
137 Drums and bongos (dry)
137 Drums only (dry)
DJ Friendly - SERATO and TRAKTOR ready

*All loops come in WAV format and are royalty free for use in your own compositions*
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